About Me


Hi, I’m Kay Fabe. (Not really, but I figure that makes a good Internet handle.) I’m an ex-homeschooled, ex-house-churched,  ex-culotte-wearing, ex-courtshipping ex-weirdo, saved by grace. I’m figuring out how to be a pretty lady now, and it’s fun.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Headless Unicorn Guy

    In pro wrestling jargon, “keeping kayfabe” means “staying in character”. Is that the origin of your handle?

    • Yep. I consider blogging an elaborate piece of performance art, much like wrestling. 🙂

      The other handle I like to use is “Jenny Haniver,” which is the name for a hoax sea monster carved out of a stingray.

      • Headless Unicorn Guy

        That’s the first time I heard the word “Jenny Haniver” in years. But then, you’ve got to be fannish in some way — all the Tolkien references, the pro wrestling handle, Who Framed Roger Rabbit — you don’t pick up references like that in the Evangelical Bubble.

      • I’ve been out of the subculture for a couple of years now. … It appears the world is filled with OTHER subcultures. who’d’a thunk?

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