Chevrons! And mind control.


May I say that I am very excited about this skirt, which I hope JCPenney is sending me sometime this week. (That thing on top isn’t part of the skirt, it’s just some random shirt they decided the model was going to wear. I think.)


I believe this is going to go nicely with a whole bunch of different  colored tank tops and necklaces AND LITTLE BLACK SANDALS, and will be oh, so comfortable on the long road trip I’m taking in July. I just hate wearing pants in the car. Ugh.

Anyway, I was thinking about whether it’s better to be a boy or a girl in fundamentalism, and I came to the conclusion that – surprise – it’s really better to be a girl. Even with all the ridiculous things girls had to wear. Because that’s the whole point – it was all about controlling our appearance and actions. Nobody cared what we thought. AT ALL.

And this was good because we could think about whatever we wanted! Nobody was policing our thought lives 24/7, like they did with the boys, to see if we were having lustful or unapproved ideas. It didn’t matter what we thought – it just mattered how we looked. So our bodies were stuffed into constricting sports bras and smothered under waterfalls of denim, but our minds were perfectly free.

And HA. That was the most important part of us.


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